Maui Web Designer ~ About Lisa

As a freelance software designer, Lisa has been developing web and internet-connected applications for commercial and private industry as well as the military since 1991.

"I offer a wide range of development services for specialized internet and cd-rom applications. If the project is a brand new entity or if it just needs a face-lift, I can recommend and develop current high-tech solutions."

    Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York
    Masters of Fine Art, Computer Animation
    November 1993
    Hood College, Frederick, Maryland
    Bachelor of Art
    (1) Information Technology & Computer Science (2) Fine Art
    May 1989

  • Web Tools
  • Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe PageMill, Microsoft FrontPage

  • Computer Operating Systems
  • DOS, Windows, Macintosh, (Limited) UNIX

  • Programming Languages and Database
  • PHP, ColdFusion, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Oracle PL/SQL, Pascal, C++, BASIC, SQL, dBASE III Plus, Microsoft Access, Active Server Pages

  • Word Processing
  • Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Microsoft Works

  • Authoring Software
  • Quest Authoring Language (QAL), T.O.A.D., Authorware, IconAuthor, Toolbook, HyperCard

  • Graphic Applications
  • Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw!, MacDraw, MacWrite, SuperPaint, DeluxePaint

  • Animation Applications
  • TOPAS - 3 Dimensional Rendering System, MacroMedia Director and LINGO - 2 Dimensional Animation System
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